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David Bruce - Fine Artist 


I have done stunt work in the film industry; been a licensed private detective, conducted protection work as a professional security consultant; was a roughneck in the oilfields and an active duty Navy SEAL with global deployments.  Skydiving, scuttling through back alleys and combat swimmer operations have aided me in seeing life beyond the mundane.  

The most intriguing life challenge I face is creating a captivating oil painting; one that draws a viewer in to study the concourse of texture, rhythm, depth, design, contrast and orchestration of vibrating hue; all in order of casting lasting fine art.  

I enjoy producing paintings in series and devoting time to the fundamental preparation; through this method, I aim to record beauty, toil, and conflict - to capture consequences of structure and space through the formidable coincidence of light - and to exploit the story of underlying strength, or even decay.  

Forms, figures, faces or a weathered bridge suggests to me an opportunity to sensationalize that particular drama - perhaps not detected to the bystander.  I’m elated if I can acquire a more careful viewing, by a stranger, of a piece I’ve rendered.

I am fortunate to have developed ‘an eye’ while growing up in an art gallery in Woods Hole, where my parents settled after meeting in art school.  My paintings are built to quell a thirst; a layout of structured paint can draw a viewer to study and develop their own explanation – to shape a mystery of what is of value to them?  Painting is my means for translating the complexities I can’t otherwise explain.

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