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Interstates throb with the power of multi-wheeled rigs and high horsepower that abide the bending lanes and carve the laden night atmosphere.  Molten red hoods of 18-wheelers crowd the rear-view and an energy stream demands the attention of those on caffeine punch and running recent history of how many exits?  Inside the cabin, a lone driver faces the firmament of our bloodstream highway system.  That soul in a cell scouts the vanishing point, carting goods we receive at the halfway point of his task.  Burnt brakes and tired tires know that roadways don’t sleep.  Stops set in neon and diesel smoke remind us that our set-in comfort zones are dependent on the divided strips of commerce.  Stories are found on our roadways, and in the stacked container ships portside; also with aircraft aligned with stenciled direction and traffic control – all with people in suspense.  

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